What are the interior/exterior  dimensions of the Mod Box ?

The Mod Box works with the configurations of several different water cooler makers.
The inside width is 14.5 inches.  The inside clearance height is 55.0 inches.  The inside depth is
14.25 inches.  We have tried to make our product fit as many coolers as possible.  However,
if you have a unique configuration, we can make a custom size just for you.  Call us.

The access hole on the front of a Mod Box begins at 18.75 inches from the floor, and extends upward another 14.0 inches.  The width of the hole is 8.5 inches.   

The thickness of all panels is .50 inches.

The exterior (top) dimensions are 16.625 " wide by 15.875" deep.

Why is there no back panel or bottom?

Part of the Mod Box design is the omission of the back panel and the bottom.  We found that our product is strong enough without them, and makes it easier to slide away when it's time to change the bottle.  It also allows for more air flow to the cooler.

Is it hard to assemble ?

Not at all.  The Mod Box panels will easily attach to one another with pre-installed connectors. 
Assembly Instructions will be included in the Owner's Manual.  Once the Mod Box is assembled, it cannot be disassembled.
Another option is to purchase your Mod Box already assembled.  (Additional shipping costs.)

 Can you build a custom Mod Box?

Yes.  Contact us with your water cooler size and measurements.  We'll make a Mod Box that fits your needs for a reasonable custom size up-charge.

Can I order the Mod Box with a color, finish or sealer?

Not at this time.  We offer our Mod Box without a finish.  This allows you to complete it the way you want.  Please consult with a paint/stain professional with your questions and also follow the paint/stain manufacturers' instructions.  It must be painted or stained or sealed before put into use.

Is the Mod Box waterproof?

No.  The unfinished models are not water resistant nor waterproof.   Please consult with a paint/stain professional with your questions on what will work best to finish a Mod Box, and also follow the paint/stain manufacturers' instructions. 

How much weight can the top carry ?

We have engineered the top to easily handle a faux decorator plant, basket or what-not. 
But please try to keep the weight under 5 pounds, and use items that are stable and balanced. 
Be sure to remove any decorative item before sliding the Mod Box away from the water cooler. 
Also, do not use live plants due to possible watering spills.

Will it scratch my floors ?

Mod Boxes come with levelers that keep your floor safe.  They come in felt, Teflon or stainless steel.  Your choice.  Periodically, check the pads to see if they are properly positioned and are in good shape.  

 Is an Anti-Tipping product provided?

Yes.  Included with every Mod Box is an Anti-Tipping product.  Please follow the manufacturers'  assembly and use instructions.

Is the plywood FSC material?



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