You have spent a lot of time making your rooms stylish and attractive.  But what about that ugly plastic water cooler? 
With a
Mod Box, you can cover up your water cooler. Perhaps you want it to look like your kitchen cabinets, or match the decor of your game room or office. Just select your favorite color or stain and do-it-yourself.  

Mod Box transforms the look of a water cooler (including the water bottle), without affecting function.  It also becomes a pillar for other useful items and/or decorations. 
(See Decorating Ideas.)

The Mod Box has no back panel or bottom.  When it's time to change the water bottle, or service your water cooler, simply slide the
Mod Box
away, and
slide it back into position.

We fit most water coolers on the market,
and we make
custom sizes, too. 
Please contact us with your needs.

Use our wood cover on your water cooler.
Shown above is a previous Mod Box (discontinued) model made with oak plywood.

The new, improved 2018
Mod Box (to the right )
is now being made with
Baltic Birch plywood,
to produce a sturdy
cabinet-like appearance.
Mindstorm, LLC
The stylish cover-up for ugly water coolers.
   U.S. Patent D 633,743


Mod Boxes is owned and operated by Mindstorm, LLC.  Copyright, 2019
All rights reserved.

Mindstorm, LLC















Tray Top for Mod Box




This Unfinished model
 is called Grooves Galore and is ready for you to
paint or stain.

Other models available on Purchase Page.



Detail of Tray Top.


Rear view of the Mod Box









Rear view of the Mod Box, showing it
has no back panel or bottom.









Mod Box Birch Plywood


Mod Box



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